East Sumba

Today we're going to start with the Beaches of East Sumba. Villages, The National Parks and suggested itenaries to follow over the next fewdays.

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Puru Kambera

Puru Kambera Beach45 minutes north of Waingapu on the road to Napu this beach is a favorite for Sunday afternoon picnics and is thus best at any other time of the week. It is an idyllic escape from Waingapu and is a beach to be calm, relax and enjoy. Very little surf, occasional dolphins, sandy places to swim and if you go along the beach back towards Waingapu there’s some great places to snorkle along the reef.


Walakiri 30 minutes south of Waingapu on the road to Rende and Melolo, Walakiri is another brilliant escape. All of the beaches on the east coast have strong tides and this one can be dry for hours of the day so check what time is the right time for swimming. There are seaweed farms way out on the edge of the sandbank, some unique pygmy mangroves, a perfectly sandy bottom for walking or swimming and lines of coconut trees giving shelter. The view from this beach extends west and is one of those paradisiacal place to be at sunset.


2 hours south of Waingapu, this is an old favorite run by the infamous and ubiquitous Mr. David. Fishing and Surfing are the two biggies but it’s just a cracking stretch of beach for anyone who wants to get away from everything else. He’s a great cook, tells a great story and will even pick you up if you ask him. Check out his website here and enjoy the trip. If you don’t stay you should at the very least drop in. Carry on round the road another 25 minutes to get to Watu Parunu for some creation of the earth geology


Three hours off an absolutely back breaking, bone shattering road is quite simply the best beach in the world. Stay with the village head or in Martin’s homestay both simple and adequate. I’m saying nothing more. Just go there.


I’ve only listed the most accessible and well known beaches. But there are many others. This is an island after all. Explore the coast and see what you can find!

Coming tomorrow!